Farmon Inc. can improve the performance and productivity of semiconductor manufacturers’equipment and fab operations. We provide in-depth expertise and best-known methods to support you and your infrastructure. Farmon Inc. offers specialized equipment repair and refurbishment services for a host of semiconductor production equipment, pumps, and peripherals, in every major semiconductor production area of the world.
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Equipment Support & Services

MFC Calibration

Throttle Valve Repair

Baratron Calibration

RF Generator Repair

Fiber Optic Assembly

Remanufacturing & Repair

Heat Exchanger's, Vacuum Pumps, MFC's and other key equipment began to experience major problems after some use. Forcing down time during critical stages of production and loss of yields. Instead of buying a new part, we can repair, remanufacture, and recalibrate your parts at a fraction of the cost. Saving you money by reducing downtime and minimizing capital costs. We have the inventory, knowledge, and expertise to help any Fab.

Chiller & Heat Exchangers

Vacuum Pump

Cry Compressor

Cryo Pump

Semiconductor Fab Consultation

Decommissioning & Refurbishment

Semiconductor Fab Consultation

Decommissioning & Refurbishment